Vice Chair: Taegyu Ahn

Topic 1: Populism Politics

Over the past few years, we've seen a growth in populist politics, the catering of politicians, political candidates, and policies to the wills of the tyrannical majority. From the United States presidential candidacy of Donald Trump to the rise of the Swedish Democratic party, populism seems to be on the rise in many regions of the world. This committee will explore innovative and creative ways to either curb or harness the rise in populism for their country's gain, focusing on how domestic politics can affect international relations.

Topic 2: Mistreatment of Women and LGBT Individuals

From Religious Defense Laws to the burkini ban in France to issues of socioeconomic and political equality in a number of regions, the treatment of women and members of the LGBT community has become a central issue in many nations. This committee will focus on how countries, both large and small, least developed and most developed can create solutions at both the international and domestic level to solve these issues. The committee will make use of the UN's Commission on the Status of Women as well as other NGOs and investigatory agencies to ensure the development of measured and progressive laws for women and LGBT people.