Yoojin Han

Yoojin Han is a sophomore in Berkeley College considering Global Affairs, History or East Asian Studies as her major. She is delighted to come back to Yale MUN Korea after serving as USG of Domestic Delegations last year. Born and raised in Seoul, she has been exposed to the delicate relations between Korea, China and Japan. Such background, combined with her interest in the Japanese and Chinese language and culture, grew her passion for East Asian international relations. Apart from academics and Yale MUN Korea, she is also treasurer of Hanppuri (Korean international students’ association) and the Yale Kendo Club. She has also been running a blog on Korean education for eight years. During her free time, she can be found listening to music while sipping tea, or looking for good restaurants with her secretariat members and other foodie friends.Please do not hesitate to reach out to Yoojin with any questions at



Victoria Loo

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Victoria  is a junior at Yale College and is originally from beautiful sunny California. She is a Political Science major with a concentration in Health Policy and Economics. She is very involved in public health and works as a research assistant at the Yale School of Public Health. Victoria loves to bake in her free time, and is also a huge foodie who enjoys discovering new restaurants with her fellow foodie, Yoojin. Last year, she served as USG of Services and Chair of WHO for Yale MUN Korea 2016. Victoria is honored to be able to serve as the Director-General Administration of Yale MUN Korea 2016 and looks forward to another great Yale MUN Korea. She cannot wait to see past delegates as well as new delegates at this year's conference! If you see Victoria at any time during the conference, please stop her and say hi! 

Please reach out to Victoria with any questions at



Eric Margolis


After having an amazing experience with Yale MUN Korea last year as USG of International Delegations and Chair of UNSC, Eric couldn't help but to come back to Seoul. Eric is a junior and English major from outside Philadelphia, with interests in sustainability, American literature, and urban development. He has been involved with organizing conferences since high school, when he founded a TEDx event at his school. At Yale Eric also works for the Office of Sustainability and helps direct a creative writing club. He loves to read, write, eat, listen to music, and play piano.

If you need to contact Eric, you can reach him at



Director of Finance

Alex Jang


Alex Jang is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards College and the Director of Finance for Yale MUN Korea 2017. Last year, Alex was the USG of Marketing and the chair of the ECOFIN committee for Yale MUN Korea. A prospective Math and Economics major, Alex is incredibly excited to return as both a chair and a member of the Secretariat. In the Model UN world, Alex is also the USG of Domestic Delegations for Yale MUN XLIII, a chair for the Security Council Simulation at Yale, and a member of the Model UN Team at Yale, Yale’s traveling competition team. Outside of MUN, Alex is on the club wrestling team and a debate coach for Urban Debate League. Born and raised in the California Bay Area, Alex is interested in startups and entrepreneurship, international relations, politics, and economics. His hobbies include spending time with friends, exploring Yale, and eating food. A determined foodie, Alex is excited to travel back to Korea and learn more about Korea and Korean culture.

If you have any questions about sponsorships, marketing, or just want to chat, please email Alex at




Kushal Dev

Kushal Dev is a freshman in Silliman College. He is the Under-Secretary General of Conference this year for Yale MUN Korea. He was born and raised in central New Jersey, spending fourteen years in the township of East Brunswick. At Yale, he plans to study International Development through the Global Affairs major, learning about East Asian affairs through coursework and extracurricular endeavors. Outside of Yale MUNK, he spends his time writing for The Politic, working on Yale's European Horizons chapter, writing about Korean media for, and listening to a variety of K-Pop girl groups. 

He can be reached for any questions at




Collin Bentley


Collin is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards College who is, for better or for worse, in love with both theater and Computer Science. He spends most of his time between the Yale Socially Assisted Robotics Lab and the Yale Dramatic Association theaters. Collin is a leader for the Yale Freshman Outdoor Orientation Trips, and most recently spent his summer teaching English in Yangzhou, China. He absolutely cannot wait to meet all of the delegates and to kick off a fun and enriching conference!

Should you have questions, direct them to



Min Byung Chae & Robert Proner


Min Byung Chae is a freshman in Jonathan Edwards College at Yale University. A prospective Economics or Global Affairs major, he will serve as the Under Secretary-General of Domestic Delegations for Yale Model United Nations Korea 2017. Aside from Yale MUN Korea, Min Byung will also serve as Assistant Secretary-General of International Delegations for Yale Model United Nations 2017. Min Byung has been involved in MUN since eighth grade in conferences and clubs all around the world, and is excited to continue his MUN career at Yale. He hopes that Yale MUN Korea could provide delegates with a rewarding and enriching MUN experience.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact him at!






Robert Proner is a current sophomore in Branford College majoring in Political Science. From Manhattan, he is one of two Under Secretaries-General of Delegations for Yale MUN Korea. Growing up traveling between New York and seeing his family in Italy, Robert loves to travel and is fascinated by international relations and the role of international organizations in global governance. Outside of YIRA, Robert teaches classes in New Haven public schools, is involved in programming and philanthropy for his fraternity, and is a member of the Yale Ski Team. For fun, he can be found going for a run or trying to find a restaurant which can rival his mother's pasta.

Please feel free to email him at



Georgi Dumanov


Georgi Dumanov, a proud member of Berkeley College, is thrilled to be serving as the Under-Secretary General of Marketing. At Yale, Georgi is a prospective Cognitive Science and Economics major. Originally in the class of 2018, Georgi took a gap year and worked at two of the biggest advertising agencies in Europe and is immensely excited to utilize his newly found skills. Born and raised in Bulgaria, he is fascinated by the increasingly complex political relation between European countries. Georgi is passionate about Taekwon-Do and theater so he dedicates his free time to competing for the US National ITF Taekwon-Do Team and acting in various theater productions.

Please feel free to reach him at



Kacey Fang


Kacey Fang is a sophomore in Berkeley College and is excited to be this year's Under-Secretary General of Design. She grew up in the Bay Area, California, among constant sun and good food. Her interests lie in neuroscience, international relations, public health, and the intersection of these subjects. In her free time, she loves drawing, writing and performing poetry, and eating Cheetos.

You can reach Kacey at



Eujin Jang


Eujin Jang, this year’s Under-Secretary General of Committees, is a current freshman in Silliman College. She has a wide range of intellectual interests and hopes to double major in Economics and Applied Mathematics. Although born in Seoul, she grew up in Northern Virginia, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta, while her family currently resides in Boston. Besides Yale MUN Korea, she is also involved in several other YIRA hosted MUN conferences, the Yale College Council Business Team, and plays violin for a pops orchestra. In her spare time, Eujin enjoys listening to music of all genres, playing basketball, and discovering great food.

Feel free to reach her at