Sponsors for Yale MUN Korea 2017


Revolution prep

A student success orientated tutoring, test preparation, and college preparedness tutoring company, Revolution Prep helps students achieve their maximum potential when journeying through their academic journey. Sharing many of the core values of our conference, we are proud to announce that Revolution Prep as one of our sponsors for Yale MUN Korea 2017. https://www.revolutionprep.com/


top admit

A premier essay editing and college consulting group, TopAdmit helps students succeed in college admissions by providing a wide range of college admissions services and specialize in essay editing. Having helped a number of students in the past, we have chosen TopAdmit as one of our primary sponsors for Yale MUN Korea 2017. http://www.topadmit.com/


Administrative Partnership

Hope to the future (미래희망기구)

An international hope organization, Hope to the Future supports domestic and foreign youths to be the future leaders of change in our world. Through providing a platform for youth education and sustainable projects, Hope to the Future lays the foundation for youths at home and abroad to become actively involved in the international society and create change for themselves.