Vice Chairs: Sumin Kim, Joshua Brenner

Topic 1: Potential Rule of Law Violations in Turkey’s mass Incarcerations

In recent years, Turkey has often been criticized for violation of human rights. For example, issues such as discrimination against women have prevented the country from open negotiations on joining the EU. However, no single issue has been more pertinent the violations of the rule of law on mass incarceration. The UN legal report from 2012 discusses mass incarceration of Kurds due to protests and unjustified political reasons with no regard for the rule of law. Furthermore, under the pretext of lawfully pursuing terrorism, the Turkish government incarcerates a large amount of refugees and Turks without any clear evidence for unlawful behavior. Meanwhile the failed coup attempt led to the imprisonment the majority of the government’s political opposition, including doctors, teachers, and scientists, without any explicit proof of guilt. This committee will examine whether mass incarcerations in Turkey are in accordance with the rule of law and discuss any measures that could be taken to uphold the rule of law regarding the policy.

Topic 2: Legality of Counter-Terrorism Actions

The global threat of terrorism continues to be one of the most significant obstacles in ensuring global peace and security. With the massive immigration of refugees from the Middle East into Europe, the threat that terrorists may infiltrate a nation while disguised as refugees becomes more pressing. This committee will discuss the legality of counter-terrorist actions that countries/regional bodies take in the form of surveillance, border control, military action, etc. Delegates will strive to establish resolutions that recommend legal frameworks for a variety of counter-terrorist actions and the extent to which such actions should be regarded as reasonable.