Yale MUN Korea 2017 will feature an online delegate training program. Delegates that have successfully registered and completed their payment will have access to a free online program and an accompanying textbook, with five lessons that cover everything from Yale MUN Korea procedure, to best delegate practices, to information about position papers and awards.

The online program will feature videos, presentations, and short assignments that will review delegate preparation for our conference and practice the necessary skills for success. All delegates are expected to participate, though they are by no means required to complete all the assignments (with the exception of the position paper).

The program will take place over the six weeks after the end of regular registration (3/27) before the conference begins.

Enjoy below a list of the lessons featured in this year’s training program:

1. Introduction to Yale MUN Korea (3/27) -- Learn about Yale MUN Korea, our team, our mission, and what makes our conference special. Learn about how this program works and how to get the most out of it.

2. What is an MUN conference? (3/31) -- Learn about the United Nations, the goals of MUN conferences, and an overview of what’s going to happen in and outside committee at Yale MUN Korea 2017

3. Yale MUN Procedure (4/7)-- Learn about Yale MUN Korea’s unique procedure in detail through comprehensive videos. Learn about committee structure, writing clauses and resolutions, terms, points, and motions, and more!

4. Best Delegate Practices (4/17) -- Learn how to be a best delegate: information about awards, and exercises that develop speaking, debate, and writing skills.

5. Position Papers and Intersectional Committees (4/24) -- Learn how to write a position paper and experience a unique Yale MUN Korea initiative, intersectional committees.

6. Review