This Is Our World

The world of today is not the world of our parents. We find ourselves in a community that is increasingly interconnected and global a community that has time and time again proven its ability to significantly influence economies, governments, and cultures. As young people, we have the opportunity to raise our voices and call for greater global security, and the potential to make lasting change. We are just as accountable for our choices as today’s presidents and leaders are, and we must start by considering complex issues, building bridges, and breaking barriers. At Yale Model United Nations Korea 2017, we invite you to shape our collective future: this is our world.


Yale mun korea 2017 Conference Theme: Connections

While our world is constantly changing and evolving, one thing is certain: we are more connected than ever. Whether it's economic ties being established across borders, political agreements and international resolutions being approved through multilateral organizations, a social media post viewed around the world, or even a song topping music charts from China to Uruguay, the cultural, economic, political, and social connections between people are increasingly apparent. Our connections are not simply a consequence of the current political climate — they help us understand and grow closer to people of different countries, cultures and identities. At Yale Model United Nations Korea 2017, we hope you will embrace these connections in all of their diversity, and work together to strengthen them for the years to come.

This is our world.