Chapter 1: Introduction to Yale MUN Korea


Yale Model United Nations Korea is an Model United Nations conference under the umbrella of the Yale International Relations Association (YIRA). YIRA is a non-profit, founded in 1969, and run by students at Yale with the mission of educating Yalies and others about international relations. YIRA runs many programs, include a MUN team, various conferences, the local teaching initiative Hemispheres, and brings exciting speakers in the field of international relations to Yale.

Some YIRA programs:

  • YMUN (Yale Model United Nations): The domestic Model United Nations conference for high school students run on Yale campus in New Haven, Connecticut.

  • MUNTY (Model United Nations Team at Yale): The team of college students who compete in the college Model United Nations circuit.

  • YRIS (Yale Review of International Studies): A publication run by students that publishes academic and opinion articles on international relations.

  • International Trips: Members of YIRA can apply to run research trips anywhere in the world, and recruit a group of YIRA students to join them.

Yale MUN Korea was founded in 2012. Each year the conference has grown in some way or another, continuously implementing new initiatives. Financial aid, a successful charitable partner and conference theme, and an expansion of committees was implemented in 2016, while the 2017 conference focused on enhancing the educational mission and maximizing impact on delegates. This year’s conference will reimagine the delegate experience at Yale MUN Korea and work with partnerships on the ground to advance our core values.

What makes Yale MUN Korea special?

  • It is the premier international English conference in Asia

  • More than a quarter of delegates in 2016 were international (from outside of South Korea).

  • The conference’s small committee sizes allow for maximum participation in committee.

  • This year’s delegate, Assistant Director, and Director training programs will create truly exciting and dynamic committees, not only because of the diversity of its participants, but also because of the participants’ knowledge and enthusiasm.

  • The use of UNA-USA follows a long-held, time-tested tradition of how Model UN works and thrives.

  • A unique and powerful relationship with charitable partners.

  • The people: outstanding secretariats in Yale, Seoul, and Assistant Directors from around the world.

How to Use the Delegate Textbook

This textbook serves as the main version of training that delegates can access in preparation for the conference. Please read this document thoroughly, and direct questions about committee or procedure to your Directors!