Vice Chair: Gyubin Hwang

Topic 1: South China Sea

The People's Republic of China recently made claims on islands in the South China Sea, lands that seemed to be owned by nations like the Philippines for years on end. While the claim was nullified by an international tribunal (much to the relief of the international community), China remains adamant about its claims, and many Asian countries worry that China's expansionist behavior will encroach on their own sovereignty. This topic deals with the age-old dispute of territory in Asia, as well as China's rise of power in recent years.

Topic 2: North Korea

North Korea’s nuclear program, quickly developing and testing nuclear warheads and missiles with greater technological capability, poses a monumental threat to international security. The threat becomes more pressing as the years have gone on, as the North Korean regime continues to threaten war with its southern counterpart and western countries like the United States with new nuclear tests. As the international community community becomes increasingly alarmed, Asian countries need to come together to discuss and deal with what could become a volatile international crisis. Delegates will wield an in-depth understanding of Korean history and knowledge of regional actors to create a solution to one of Asia's biggest security threats.